Frank Brancato

“The process of seeking compensation for physical injury and financial loss is confusing, overwhelming and adversarial.  My clients are often focused on their medical issues and financial loss, which leaves them vulnerable. I guide and protect them while maximizing their compensation.”  

Frank Brancato has a successful track record in personal injury law that spans two decades.

A graduate of the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law, Frank began practicing law in 1991, determined to help his clients rebuild their lives after injury. His method is simple: he listens carefully to understand his clients' goals and concerns, devises a strategy based on their best interests, and then aggressively pursues that strategy.

To date, Frank's most significant professional achievement involved a mother who lost her son in a tragic accident. He protected and guided her to a resolution without the pain of a trial. A friendship based on trust and confidence continues to this day.

Frank's success outside the courtroom is directly related to the significant jury verdicts he has obtained in the courtroom. He has earned his place on Jackson County Missouri’s Top Ten Jury Verdicts list multiple times. He has the ability to convey to a jury his client's story, the injury sustained, the physical and financial loss suffered, and the compensation deserved.

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