Notable Verdicts

Brancato Haggerty & Palmentere is an experienced Kansas City law firm with a reputation for success in both litigation and negotiation on behalf of its clients. From claims ranging in size from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars, our attorneys have won jury verdicts and negotiated settlements that have delivered justice and helped repair the lives of our clients. Some of our notable verdicts include:

$1.2 Million Jury Award

A Kansas City, Missouri fire fighter suffered a significant back injury due to a careless ambulance employee skipping critical safety steps. The Defendant blamed our client's injury on a pre-existing back condition and offered a nominal sum to resolve the case. The offer was rejected and we filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client. After a four-day jury trial our client was awarded $1.2 million. Our client was able to retire from active duty with financial security, having been fully compensated for his loss. Upon his retirement from protecting others, he presented his helmet shield to our firm in thanks for protecting him.

$950,000 Jury Award

A construction worker was struck by a careless driver who had been disciplining her kids in the back seat of her car. Her vehicle threw our client several yards, causing broken bones that required surgeries and rehabilitation. After we rejected nominal settlement offers by the Defendant, we filed our lawsuit. After a four-day jury trial, a verdict was returned in favor of our client in the amount of $950,000. All medical bills were paid in full and our client recouped all of his lost wages and compensation for his diminished earning capacity and pain and suffering.

$9 Million Settlement

A wife and mother of two, was severely injured in a car accident. After a thorough investigation and a formal demand for payment was made and rejected, we filed the lawsuit and prepared for trial. The parties agreed to non-binding mediation where a settlement was reached, which provided our client and her family the financial security to take care of her future medical and financial needs.

$4.25 Million Settlement

A family’s van was struck on a highway by a semi- tractor trailer which caused the van to rollover, resulting in the death of a young son and a mother. Defendant denied liability and claimed our clients were at fault. We filed a lawsuit and compiled the necessary proof for trial to establish the true cause of the accident, which was the careless actions of the truck driver. As a result of our extensive evidence on liability, an out of court settlement was reached with Defendant. This settlement helped our clients gain closure on this tragic event and provide a financial certainty for the survivors.

$2 Million Settlement

A mother lost her son in a sporting event due to a tragic series of failures by others who had the duty to protect the young athlete. Our firm was hired to bring justice for this grieving mother and family after the responsible parties denied any liability. After extensive investigation and legal proof, an out-of-court settlement was reached, providing the family with consolation that the failures of these defendants would meet with consequences, and providing for them a sense of closure.

$750,000 Settlement

A husband and father of two was struck by a careless driver, causing severe neck injuries requiring multiple surgeries. The other driver, a young man in a hurry to meet his friends and getting directions on his cell phone, had minimal insurance coverage. Through our investigation and the filing of a lawsuit on behalf of our client, we discovered excess insurance policies required to fully cover the claim. An out-of-court settlement was reached through mediation with all carriers in excess of $750,000. This settlement allowed our client to avoid the difficulties of a trial and begin rebuilding his life.

Brancato Haggerty & Palmentere we treat every client with respect no matter the size of the claim. Although past results afford no guarantee of future results and each case is different and must be judged on its own merits, we do guarantee that you, as a client at BH&P, will receive the same quality level of legal expertise and guidance as these past clients, to maximize your potential for a successful outcome. We take the time to hear your story, are committed to earning and keeping your trust, and work to build the strongest possible case on your behalf. 
Personal Injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means that we are paid only if we obtain a recovery for you. If you have been injured, or if you need representation in a criminal matter, please contact us today at (816) 471-1966.
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